Unschooling in Salado, TX

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I remember thinking, “God, are You sure? Are You sure that I should open an Acton Academy in Salado instead of Georgetown? Really?”  as I walked down the beach in Pismo Beach, California last Spring. The location didn’t make much sense to me back then. I knew that the Georgetown/Austin area was hungry for more Acton academies, that my friend, Kristina, had opened one up in Waco (which is doing fantastic), and I really wanted to open mine closer to Austin. However, I knew that I heard God speak to me that Salado would be the place. Apparently, He definitely knew what I was about to find out.

There are a lot of self-motivated children who are ready for the real world challenges that Acton Imprimis (An Acton Academy) has to offer in Central Texas. They are excited about the idea of having to master 95% of each subject before moving forward academically, thus they are really learning in depth. And, they LOVE that we have absolutely NO HOMEWORK EVER. 

They are excited about being freed from the idea of grade levels and are no longer held back by their age in any given subject. Thus, a second grader can now take sixth grade math (or higher) while going through reading, writing, spelling, etc…at a second grader’s pace. (This is our Learn to Learn)

They love the idea of core skills being taught in the mornings with afternoons being centered around actually doing things hands-on in our quests. (This is what we call our ‘Learning to Do’)

Recess is offered four times a day (just like in the 80s) where you can run and play before school, mid-morning, after lunch, and mid-afternoon.

Our kids start mentoring in our elementary studio and apprenticeships in our middle school studio and launchpad (High school). 

We have a very entrepreneurial based curriculum that enables our heroes (students) to obtain an Limited Liability Company (LLC) in their name (if they choose to, no pressure) by the time they graduate from Launchpad. And, we host a Children’s Business Fair where children sell the products that they personally designed within their personal companies (starting in Kindergarten).

Almost all of the heroes that are coming to our campus in Salado are from families that love to travel, so the parents are thrilled that there’s no attendance requirement and the kids can travel with their parents as much or little as they’d like to during the school year.  (Experiences while traveling trump classrooms, in my humble opinion…research backs that thought too).

And, most importantly, they love that we have a very rich curriculum and are highly invested in helping children “Learn to Be.” We help children discover their God-given gifts, talents, and enable them to practice those gifts. We give children passion projects where they can choose what they would like to study (from elementary up) and present their discoveries to their studio tribes. We expect them to learn how to give and receive criticism, to be kind and get work done simultaneously, to never give up, find their inner strengths, motivations, drive and build resilience and grit from those places. Our desire is to make sure that they embrace failure, instead of fearing it, because they can still learn and grow from their failures (no snowflake mentalities), and they can thrive in this world instead of survive in this world. This is why we say so confidently that when you come to Acton Imprimis Salado, you will:

Launch your Hero’s Journey. Discover Your Calling. Get Equipped to Change the World. 

It’s time for us to teach our children how to thrive in this world whether or not they choose to go to college. Some children will choose college and do exceptionally well due to their academic preparedness provided for at Acton Imprimis. Some children will become entrepreneurs and brighten our economy and other people’s lives with jobs and resources. Some children will become artists and move us with their creative brilliance. No matter what God has in store for them, they will be prepared to run the race that’s set before them. And, they will do it in style. 

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