The Artist’s Studio

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1. A room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works 
Synonyms include: workshop, workroom, atelier, work space 
Example: “The artist’s studio.” 

I love the symbolism that accompanies the fact that Acton Academy Salado has replaced classrooms with studios! –Excited Parent 

The studios are 1200 square foot spaces inside of Acton Academy Salado were the children (the acton eagles) are entrusted and empowered to lead.  They are taught to hold these spaces sacred, thus they create their covenants and contracts there with each other, with their guides, and with the studio itself. They are to keep their studios sacred, and this is a serious quest in itself. This is their work space.  This is there “home away from home” while they are being equipped for their heroes journeys intellectually, socially, emotionally, and even physically. Inside their studios, they will study, learn, achieve, fail, find their motivation, develop grit, acquire resilience, face their fears, and find fellow travelers to help them beat the Goliaths on their individual journeys.  Within the walls of their studios, they will host town hall meetings, Socratic discussions, quests, and exhibitions for their parents and friends.  And, at the end of the day, together, they maintain their studios. They clean, care for their plants, care for their fish (once they earn a fish tank), and care for each other.

Each studio hosts a different age/educational bracket within that studio and the eagles earn their way from one studio to the next. Once an eagle completes all their required work within one studio, he/she is promoted and celebrated into the next one. They do not have to wait a year to be promoted or are required to socially promote with their same aged peers. They have earned their reward of being promoted, and we celebrate them immediately!

Each studio is filled with a variety of work spaces.  They have a mini dance floor to practice their dance moves on or wiggle if they need to without distracting their peers.  They have a library with bean bags or air chairs where they can read.  They have their tribal squads where their personal desks are located. These areas are where they can keep their belongings and work on their daily and weekly goals and tasks. They have a refrigerator and tables set-up where they can go eat when they get hungry for lunch or a snack.  Each studio is equipped with a television set for their mini-launches and Socratic discussions throughout their workday  and various colored lights that indicate the productivity of the room/atmosphere. The studios have windows, plants, and (once earned) a fish tank.  No shoes are worn in the studios. Thus, there’s a space for their shoes just inside the doorway. Since we host about three activities outside a day (two of them being recesses), it’s important that we keep our studios free of excess dirt/allergies. The studios also have a place where the children can create artistically. Paint, draw, doodle, sing, perform etc…Children are artists, we allow them to create.

Most importantly, each studio is sacred because Jesus is in them.  He is the ultimate Artist. Our Alpha and Omega and the Author of our lives. Within these studios, He is equipping Heroes to find their God-given callings. He is building character into the lives of His children. He is inspiring them to believe in themselves, in His love for them, and reach beyond their potential as they develop each year. Within these studios the children of God are being empowered to love people and change the world, because this is The Artist’s Studio.






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