Parental Fear: Transitioning again


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Are you really opening? Are you accredited? Are you really K-12th?

Yes. We really are opening, fully accredited, and your child really can attend Acton Academy Salado for Prek-12th.  Yes.

Over the past several weeks of interviewing and auditioning families, I have heard stories from several families whose children have bounced from one school to another again and again. “Our present school is only K-2nd” or “Our private school closed its doors” or “I’m tired of having to jump from one school to the next.” I have heard these stories again and again and, as a mom, it breaks my heart to see families going through these academic interruptions.

I know that kids are resilient, but it is important that they have the ability to make friends, feel secure in their environment, and have the reassurance that they do not have to change schools, again. I remember coming back from Saudi Arabia (my dad worked at King Khalid Military City) and going to three different schools in three years just within Belton Independent School District. Miller Heights. Central Elementary. Belton Junior High. I was in the same school district and I remember the impact going from one school to the next had on me. It wasn’t fun. It was frustrating. A feeling that I would never want to inflict on another kid.

Acton Academy Salado is here. We are fully staffed. We have a permanent location. We are not renting. We have amazing founding families. We are starting with PreK-6th and we will be adding grade levels each year until we are at PreK-12th grade. Period. We are not leaving. We are not shutting our doors. We are not going to do anything in this community but enhance the lives of the families who walk through our doors.

If you choose to entrust us with your children, you can breathe easy. Your search for “where will my child go next?” is over….unless you’re visiting colleges.

“For we are God’s handiwork, recreated in Christ Jesus, that we may do those good works which God predestined for us, that we should walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10. For my Hero’s Journey, that is Acton Academy Salado. God called me into it. It will be done with excellence. No weapon formed against it shall prosper.

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