Honoring Family

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Acton Academy Salado strongly believes in the power of family and we want to keep your time with your children, your eagles, sacred. We try to honor your time with your eagles by eliminating what we consider to be fairly common educational family disruptions. These things include homework, excessive social gatherings, mandatory attendance policies, and requiring volunteer hours from parents at the school and/or selling and delivering items for fundraising campaigns.

When the average student can complete all required elementary coursework in less than a year, yet the coursework is being drug out over the course of five years with ample amounts of homework and headaches, there is a problem. As an educational psychologist, I, Dr. Suzy Thompson, can confidently state that there is no statistically sound evidence that homework really does anything to enhance intellect for the typical self-motivated student. Thus, there is absolutely no reason to require or even suggest it. Therefore at Acton Academy Salado, homework is eliminated. When we eliminate homework, we open up hours of time, each day, to family time. Play fetch with the dog. Catch with a parent. Shoot hoops, dance, write, cook, dream, be inspired by your child, inspire your child, enjoy your child. No worries about trying to make it to practice, eat dinner, and get all the homework completed before going to bed….late, exhausted, and robbed of the time to have a heart-to-heart bonding moment with each other. You only have 18 years with them at home. Homework? Forget it.

Excessive social gatherings and mandatory attendance policies. What’s the real value of a social gathering if it’s not engaging us beyond a superficial comfort zone? At Acton Academy Salado, know that we will encourage you to be engaged in your personal Hero’s journey as a parent too. Do you want to finish your college degree? Start a business? Inspire your children? Fly to another country? Go on a mission trip? Maybe even learn karate? Parent meetings will only be hosted three times a year and we ask that you attend just one, if you can make it. If not, we understand. No questions asked. At these meetings, you will be challenged to dig deeper into your own Hero’s Journey. We may even ask you how we can help hold you accountable. You may find a runner partner within the group. Who knows? All we know is that it’s much easier to train a child to be a Hero if the parents are modeling the behavior too. Go ahead. Buy yourself a cape too.

Mandatory Attendance? Why would we do that?  Why do schools feel like they should be a priority over your time with your family? At Acton Academy Salado, we strongly believe that parents are in control of their children’s learning. We offer hard, fun, and engaging quests and challenges that go above and beyond basic statewide requirements for children’s education. Yet, we also honor the fact that you may need to take an off-season vacation, you may need to spend some time with grandparents or family out of state or out of country, or you may just want to take your eagle to breakfast. Parents need to spend quality time with their eagles. We get it. Thus, we have no mandatory attendance requirements. Seriously. I’m on a three week vacation as I type this right now. Aaron and I are on the Central Coast of California enjoying time with our children and homeschooling them on the beach. It’s great and it’s needed. However, if your eagle would like to continue engaging with his/her tribe and stay on task with quests, then he/she is welcome to Skype in and go to school with us in real-time online.

Parental volunteer hours? No. We are a business and businesses don’t require employees to volunteer a set number of hours each week or get a pay cut. So, don’t worry about having to “buy” your volunteer hours because you don’t have time to take off work and do it. There is no reason for a parent to have to volunteer for anything concerning our school. We know that you have other things to do and commitments to keep. So, don’t worry. We will not interrupt your time at work, or at home, or make you miss a Bible study or doctor’s appointment because it’s your turn to direct traffic, start a fundraiser, clean a studio, or bring a dish to a meeting that has no nourishment for your soul.

What you can expect from Acton Academy Salado is for us to serve your child to the best of our ability. We want your eagle to become the hero that he/she was created to be, reach their full potential, love learning, be curious, embrace Truth, and know how to discern between Truth and deception. You can expect us to uphold your Family Plan, the one that you create in your family on boarding quest, to be admitted to Acton Academy Salado. You can expect us to honor your time, your questions, and your trust in us as we become a part of your village in rearing-up your child. You can expect us to hold socratic discussions with our eagles on why honoring parents is important and you can expect us to challenge you to continue leading your children by being their best role model. You’ve been entrusted to train a child, and we know that nobody in their right mind would ever have a child that they expect somebody else to raise.

Family is important. Family is needed. Family in honored.

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