Why I Chose Acton Academy

“Like arrows in the hand of the warrior, are children born in one’s youth”             (Psalm of David, 127:4)



I never thought that I would give birth to two little arrows. Nobody told me that children were like arrows in a warrior’s hand. When I first heard this verse, I thought, that it was rude. I thought that it only meant that children are born for the parents’ protection. I thought that it had no reverence toward the value of a child’s life. Then, I looked again….

Arrows are designed to pierce things. Arrows are designed to be aimed and  shot in a specific direction for the purpose of piercing and changing things. Children are meant to change things. Our future is paved by our youth. Like a great marksman, we must parent our children to take aim, feel the resistance of pressure, and fire freely into their specified callings so they can change our world.

Although my mother’s heart wants to coddle and protect and the warrior in me wants to take out ANYONE or ANYTHING that would harm my child….I know that Skye and Pierce need to be equipped to find their way in this world without my fear hovering over them. (This is why parents helicopter. Fear. Let’s get real about that real quick).

My parental responsibilities include teaching them to think, teaching them how to produce, teaching them how to become  great warriors themselves. I am here to encourage and inspire them to embrace their hero’s journeys which may or may not be the same as mine. My role is to help them not give up when things get hard but to dig in and know that walls are only a test of how badly we want something. It is my responsibility to give them the opportunities and community they need to discover their personal gifts. It is my responsibility to not catch them when they fall, but to let them fall, feel the pain, and then dust them off and encourage them to try again.

That is why I choose Acton Academy for my children’s equipping. Not only do Acton Academies have a reputation for exceptional academics worldwide, they are also known for their innate ability to enhance the hero journey within families as well.  At Acton, my mother’s heart will be tested. I will have to watch my children fail so they can learn those traits that true heroes embrace such as grit, determination, innate motivation, delayed gratification, and responsibility. At Acton, I will have to stand by as my children struggle to find the answers that they are used to being spoon fed….by me.   At Acton, I have to learn to let go of control and embrace this concept that’s so hard to comfortably hold onto called trust.

The best way for this momma to protect my arrows are to equip them to face a harsh world without losing their sense of identity, because once we lose our identities, we lose our way and are tossed about by the accusations and suggestions of society. I want them to know that who they are is more than just what they are good at.

I want them to know how to think critically instead of how to memorize things. I want them to understand the why behind the what.  I want them to maintain a sense of curiosity instead of just a desire to know all the answers. Why? Because the greatest answers come from those who ask the best questions.

I want them to embrace Wisdom more than just knowledge, because facts change at the rate of emerging science. I want my children to walk confidently in their callings, to lead a life of contagious faith and inspiration, to never lose their childlike wonder, and to lead their lives as Heroes.

Refreshing this world that is so thirsty for change, but, not just any change. The changes that only come from heroes.

The changes that will come from my arrows.




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